Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shopping and freebies

I have to share my favorite store in town, Doodlebugz! I buy all my happies there. The couple that own the store are friends, but I would shop there even if I didn't like them. It is so packed with fabulous goodies that you have to make circuits around the place. I mean in totally different directions. Clockwise and then counter clockwise. IT IS FULL! I always stop in and just tell Stacy what I need a happy for and she has 6 or 8 suggestions. The girls know where everything is in that store and can help navigate. They have a gift for anyone- men and kids included (except my FIL, the cattle farmer).
I know y'all are wondering why I am talking about this but I saw Stacy yesterday and she told me about this great promo this weekend. WEBKINZ! If you spend $10 at the store Friday-Sunday you get a free Webkinz! FREE, people. Perfect birthday present, stick it in the closet. On Saturday they are going to have games and Webkinz prizes, in addition to the $10 deal. I am heading over and I am stocking up. Afro- check the stores in your area. This is a Webkins event not just a doodlebugz event.
Sunday is The Taste of event! I love this more than any other event in town. You can try all the restaurants in town for just a couple dollars. It is packed. I think it must be everyone's favorite event. My kids love the jumpies and the antique firetruck they bring out of the museum. We will be there chowing down and jumping around.


The Lawyer's Wife said...

You know I will be there ... how about I pack some Seagrove Tea of June's? Yeah ... the shoe thing I will have to get back to you on that I was so pissed I clicked off pretty fast! But I know I found it when I was looking at my SATC alter ego.

Are you beach bound? Babycakes needs to know how to pack ...

Mom on the Run said...

I love doodlebugz, too.

We always do Taste for lunch after church....then nobody fights! And we don't have to find a place to park, although walking across the street is taking your life into your hands.