Monday, April 28, 2008

Rain, rain, go away...

We had a great weekend, besides the in-law's!
Saturday night we went over to ACE's house for dinner with another couple, Beach bunny and Drug boy. We were supposed to eat outside, but we were rained in. ACE is a great cook and loves to try out new recipes. We get to eat the results. We had the most amazing dinner that night. ACE started us off with a guacamole shrimp bruschetta that was out of this world. The greatest combination of flavors.
Shrimp Bruschetta with Guacamole- make this and you will love me forever!

The boys went outside to discuss the grilling process of the bacon wrapped filets and the girls finished off our first bottle of wine. And we ate more bruschetta. Beach Bunny and I had figured out that we are going to be on vacation the same week. At the same beach. Our boys play great. We play great. Its going to be FUN. Beach Bunny invited ACE and Mr. ACE to come down for a long weekend. I hope they get to come to the beach and play with all of us. I am going to have the best summer ever. When Paint boy and Drug boy found out about the vacation plans, they really started planning- the boys (all 6 of them) will be going on a deep sea fishing adventure. The girls will be hitting a spa(Yeah, massage!). All of us will pack into one truck and head over to Island's of Adventure one day. (I hope this is early in the week so that I can get that massage after a day at the amusement park.) Beach Bunny is from there so she has babysitters available and we will get to go out and eat without children. I am very excited!

We planned all of this and it wasn't even time for dinner. This is what happens when you get too many JLs in one room- we can solve the problems of the world, plan a major vacation and drink a couple bottles of good wine.

Dinner was bacon wrapped filets, fresh green beans sauteed with shallots and the yummiest macaroni and cheese with roasted red peppers. Everything was delicious. Eat-every-bite-even-though-you-are-full delicious! ACE is not a dessert girl. When you go to her house your dessert is another glass of wine. I love it! The older I get, the less I want sweets.

On Sunday we went with the Lawyer family to the Taste of... event. It was so fun- until the rains came. Paintboy and children eat there way through the Taste every year. No worries. Paint boy went back to his gallery and got umbrellas and the Lawyer's wife and I headed over to Doodlebugz and bought new umbrellas. If you get a fabulous silver handled umbrella with your monogram on it for your birthday, don't worry, I tested it for you! In exchange for the purchases our boys received free Webkinz! Yeah for FREE! Welcome to the family, Snowbell. I love the Taste event because I try all the new restaurants without the commitment. It is like "Speed dating." For $3. They laid it out differently this year. Everything was very spread out. It was good, sometimes you feel like it is a crush of humanity. Some of these people only come to town once a year for this event. I am serious. There were some strange people standing in the rain to eat food on a stick. It reminded me of the Fair. Yikes!
Starbucks was there passing out free small coffees, I had 2. I love some coffee, but not while carrying an umbrella, bag of fliers my kids kept picking up, somebody's water bottle and my purse. We had come straight from church. I was getting done.
The kids were great and had a blast. The Lawyer's wife and I laughed about everything. Paintboy was wet and they weren't selling beer until 12:45. It was time to go. He was all done.

Since I am not eating many sweets,I am enjoying drinking my calories these days.

Which leads to a funny story- J watched me make a cocktail on Friday night, not the first time that I have done this, just the first that he has noticed. I usually drink wine.

J- What are you doing?
Me- Making a Cocktail.
J- That's a funny name, what's that you're pouring?
Me-Cranberry juice mixed with vodka. and now the lime.
J- What's Vodka?
Me- Its like wine.
J- huh.

So tonight Paintboy is pouring a beer and J asks, "Do you need the vodka to mix with it; because Mommy has started mixing Vodka with her wine." Paintboy said,"It doesn't surprise me." Yeah, I had to explain that Cocktail thing again.


The Lawyer's Wife said...

I can't wait for Little Mister to notice you with your cocktail ... his famous phrase ... Don't drink drugs!

And he looks totally serious! I think he misunderstood the whole drug lesson at school!!!

God bless him!

Mom on the Run said...

Mine always used to say "don't do drugs or drink alkwahol".

Anonymous said...


The Lawyer's Wife said...

No silly - there is no color scheme for vacation!!! June came up with that .... do you really think Little Lawyer is wearing pink or green??? PLEASE! The only color theme was for our dishes and cocktail supplies! Chill out pumpkin! All is well!!!

Tell J Little Mister has a couple of suits ... one dragon, crabs, sharks and one fire!

AFRo said...

Crack me up with the mixing vodka with your wine! That is hilarious!