Saturday, April 19, 2008

Busy, Busy

We have been so busy!
For the boy's birthdays, Nana Judy bought tickets to the Lion King Musical for our family. We had tickets for Thursday night. For those of you following along, Paint boy is out of town. Nana decided to sub with the daughter of a good friend. (She was so sweet and had a HUGE personality. She and the boys got along great. J is asking if she will come over and play. She is 11 and a little out of his league, but he is so cute that all girls give him a ton of attention. He doesn't think that she will turn him down on the "play date" idea.)
We had a fabulous time! The costumes were incredible. I am in love with the swaying grass and the herd of antelope. Naked men are very attractive if all the right muscular parts are showing! It was a little intense for a 6 year old. J turned to me at one point and said, "I don't understand why Scar killed Mufasa? Doesn't he know he should have gone to him and tried to have a conversation?!?" Those are words that came straight from his teacher's mouth. "Don't fight, talk it out. Everything can be solved with a conversation." He did not appreciate my laughter at that moment. We had an amazing time even if we didn't get home until midnight on a school night. How often do you get to go to a Broadway Musical?

Paintboy finally made it home on Friday night! He had a great time at his conference and was thrilled with the host company. He has a cousin in Minneapolis and was able to hook up with him for dinner and a night out. Cousin is a Sound/Lighting engineer for Rock concerts. He is the main guy for some heavy duty acts. He is an amazing artist in his own right, but he only works as much as he has to to get by. His life is for fun and travel. (I could only wish!) Great guy one on one, but coming from a family that is small town Southern he is definitely the "Black Sheep." Paint boy was very happy to see him outside of family constraints. They had fun and a lot of beverages.

Today the boys had baseball with Daddy. Mommy headed off to another JL function.
Paintboy said "It was like you have been paroled from prison and you are standing at the gate , I am outside in a Cadillac with the engine running and you just can't leave the gates. You turn around waving, saying, " Just a little longer!" Just be done, Woman."

We are having a huge Concert/Follies celebrating 75 women from our community. I volunteered ( bullied by June Cleaver) to be part of the dance numbers. I have not danced (Soberly) since I was Captain of the dance team in High school! People that was a loooooong time ago. I was sweating like a pig and counting out loud. It was not pretty. I must have been okay, because they made me Captain of my group. I must have good Jazz Hands!
We worked all morning and let me tell you, we have a month to perfect this routine. We don't have enough practices to make this happen and be proud. My solution was that I am going to give my girls shots! We won't give a shit and we will dance our hearts out. It will be fabulous. I am going to call an emergency practice! We need all the help we can get!

Tomorrow we are headed to the IL's for another round of birthdays. SIL and Nephew are having their birthday lunch at MIL's house at 12:30 pm. We live 2 hours away. J has a birthday party for Little Mister and would rather die than miss out on the fun at 5pm. Little Gym, Pizza and Sprinkle cookies are all in the works. We will be making that party. I then have Merchant jury for the Market. (Another JL event, that is 2 in one weekend.)We have already received 90 applications for this years MM. It is going to be fabulous!!!. My job is to bring the cocktail ( Big surprise there)
I am going to serve Pineapple upside down Martinis.
Vanilla Vodka
Pineapple juice
Splash of coconut rum
Splash of Grenadine
Shake and pour. It's a dessert drink. Count those as your calories for the night! Yummy!

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