Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lock your car doors

I have watched the Duggars on TLC for years. Its like a car wreck that you slow down to see if you need to stop and help. I want to grab this girl and tell her to get a grip. I know that God has given her all these blessings. I know that they can afford all of their children. I know that she has enough love for them all. What about Time? Does she actually have time to hug and speak to all her children every day? It reminds me of "Horton hears a Who", where the mayor has 97 kids and spends 12 seconds a day listening to each.
I work hard to make sure that I have really spent quality time with my boys every day. It is hard between work and normal life, but I try. C has reached a critical time in his life- Middle school! I am so in love with the boy he has become. He is sarcastic and funny; very observant of the world around him. J is finally growing out of temper tantrums and whining. He has always been loving, but boy, what a roller coaster. Now we have more ups and less downs. He is turning into a little C. His idol! Our trip was the best thing ever for our family. C and J are now the best of buddies. How do you know who they are with so many?
How do you make time with more than 3-4 kids?


Mom on the Run said...

And as a Hair Girl, how can you even STAND to look at her squirrel do for 60 minutes.

I'll admit it's really hard with four kids. They really take it out of you. I'm sure we haven't given J2 enough attention because she doesn't demand it. I'm sure we haven't given J3 enough affection because he spends most of his time being a little sh#t.

It's tough when you wake up every day two parents short.

And it costs a helluva lot, too.

Teri said...

I'm still trying to make time for my 3, haven't done it yet.

Her hair scares the sh-- out of me. I was at Wal-mart yesterday (for the last time EVER) and the woman in front of me had the exact same hair. I couldn't look away for anything....