Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Real life

I am back in RL mode.
Paintboy left Monday for a business trip, very good idea after spending an entire week with your family. I wish I got to go on business trips.
I went to work and made people beeeautiful all day. I love my job!
Then it was off to a JL meeting. You have to go to April's meeting because we meet with our advisers and pick our placement for the next year. I have worked on the HUGE fundraiser for 6 years and chaired it for the last 2. I am taking a break! Kind of. I am going to be the Fundraising chair for the PTA at J's school. Sooo, I worked that into being my placement for next year. At least I am working for my family for once. This child has never known a moment when his mom hasn't worked on the Market. Poor baby is so excited that he will see me next year.
The meeting was great! Whole Foods came and did a "Wine and Cheese tasting". Yummy! Coupons for wine and everything. The speaker last night was the director for SafePath. (It is our local child advocacy center.) We are starting a long term partenering with them. She was very interesting, I am very excited about working with them. A very productive day.

I know you are all wondering what happened to my children in all this. Nana Judy! She picked the boys up, fed them dinner, took them to baseball, gave them baths, helped with homework and put them to bed. I love my mom! She is the best Nana in the world. She moved to our town to be an "Every day Grandma", not just a special event one. She has gotten her wish and loves every minute of it! My boys are upset if they go more than a few days without a Nana fix. I am so lucky. Trolls-You don't have to tell me that I am spoiled and selfish, I know I am. She made me this way and she loves it. I plan on doing the same for my boys. I am trying to brainwash them into believing that this is the only town that they could ever live. So far, so good.


Mom on the Run said...

Welcome home!

Greg said...

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Anonymous said...

I love the Market! You have always done such a fabulous job!!!
See ya soon! I hear your scissors calling my hair!

Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

Welcome back from your fabulous trip! You mom sounds great. We are lucky to have an "everyday grandma" too instead of a special events one. Isn't it great?