Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Coffee cups are for Pinot Grigio

I had a LONG day.
It started with the salon computer deciding that it was not going to turn on this morning. Well, let me rephrase that, it would turn on and then turn off about every ten seconds. I called my computer guy right away and he headed over. This would not be such a big deal in most salons, but I use online booking. My clients book their own appointments online and we confirm them. All client information is kept online. We also do all our accounting online. No computer = Bad day!
My first client showed up with her 3 year old daughter for her color appointment. Such a sweet girl that is never a problem. Until today. She decided to throw a temper tantrum like never before. The child was actually growling. Mommy handled it , but it was only the beginning of the day. I was tired by 10:00 am.
I am taking next week off to go to Arizona; because of this I had to work a ton of people in to my schedule. I typically have 7-9 color appointments a day, today I had 13. I could have handled it except several people brought their children this afternoon and evening. I can promise you that I was working like a demon to get those women and their children out of my salon. With every one that exited it grew quieter and quieter. By 7 pm I only had about 3 clients left in the salon. One of which had brought a bottle of wine ( it was her peace offering for forgetting her appointment last night and me working her in tonight) that I proceeded to open. We are in a salon, so there were not a lot of choices for beverage containers; and since I didn't want to share, I decided on coffee cups. I instantly thought of our friend "Sippy cups", I had become "Coffee cups"! I can promise you a cut crystal goblet of the finest wine has not tasted as good as that coffee cup of Pinot Grigio. That bottle was empty way too fast!

I have 2 more days of clients and then it is vacation for 10 days!

When you type Pinot Grigio , the spell check response is Pinto Gringo. That made me snort with laughter- Spotted white guy. Give me a break, I did drink most of a bottle of wine on an empty stomach.


AFRo said...

I should've come to your place tonight, I would've brought wine too 'cause after today, I WAS IN NEED OF AN ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE.

The Lawyer's Wife said...

Oh you saucy little Pinto Gringo ... you scary little spotted white girl! That is some funny crap! And if I could have pulled myself out of my pjs and down to the square I would have been the one to bring the real glasses. Thanks for yesterday - Babycakes looks like a million bucks!

Susan D. said...

One of my friends owns a salon & I worked for her for 6 months. We reguarly held "wine wednesday" at the salon when all of the stylists worked late. We consumed quite a bit of wine in coffee cups. Works out just fine!