Monday, April 21, 2008

I have been tagged

I have been tagged for 5 Unimportant things about me, by Teri!

1. I always have my toes done. I love a Pedicure. My husband has seen my "naked' piggies only twice in 16 years. The last time was 6 years ago while pregnant with J. My pedicurist had to cancel and I went ahead and took my polish off. Needless to say I couldn't see my toes well enough to polish. Paintboy thought that the Earth was going to stop spinning it was such a big deal.

2. I never drink Beer. Never ever. My Grandmother told me once that it wasn't ladylike. However, falling down drunk from too many Vodka Cranberries is ?!?? (That's me , not her) Its all about how you hold the glass.

3. I only like ice cream with stuff in it. I don't like it smooth. Bring on the Chunks, Nuts, and Chips.

4. I fell down the 2 story escalator at the Atlanta airport at 3. From the top. All the way down. Somersaults. People trying to catch me. I was a teenager before I got on another one. I have a deathgrip on my children on escalators.

5. I like to give my friends nicknames. (Even before blogging) Paintboy and I have nicknames for everyone. Very rarely are you referred to by your name. Sometimes its as simple as , "firstnamelastname" all the time. Like my kids don't know who you are unless we say the whole thing. Sometimes it is a variation of a nickname, from a story that then gets changed. ( ex. initials are JR, then gets called Junior, then gets turned into a mobster name- Juney. Crazy!)

Bonus #6
I despise Juice Mustaches! My kids only drink juice from a straw. (Capri Sun or juice boxes.) I hate how trashy a mustache looks. You might as well take your child to Walmart with no shoes and a juice mustache. Yuck!

I am tagging
Lawyer's Wife
Abnormally Normal
Green Magsterpie


Buford Betty said...

Haha... I'm with you on #1 and #2. But #3 I'm the exact opposite - too funny! I can only handle one additional ingredient. No chunks for me. :-)

The Lawyer's Wife said...

HMMMMM. All the way down the escalator. WEEEELLLL, that explains everything. I need a haircut (as if you didn't notice yesterday). Love ya. NEM.