Friday, March 28, 2008

5 things I love

The premise of this meme is to take pictures of 5 things in your house that you love or represent you. Avery Gray started it and Caffeine Court and Impoverished Preppy have tagged everyone to take a turn. I am going to share another little piece of myself-

#1- ART- we have a LOT of art in our house, I am married to Paint boy (were you wondering why I call him that?) The first is a picture that he painted for our anniversary last year. It is called "The Frog Pond", it is named after a breakfast place at the beach that my mother grew up near and we always vacationed. This one was done by C, I love the colors and vibrancy.
This is one that J did last summer and hangs in his room. We let the boys paint with oils on canvas when ever they visit Daddy's studio. They are very proud that they have created the art in our home.
#2- GARDENING- I love to be outside playing with my flowers. I plant flats and flats of flowers every year in addition to all the perennials that we have from over the years. I love every Spring to watch my plants bud and bloom. I have to admit that by July it is just too stinking hot to be outside, so I always start early.
#3- BAKING SUPPLIES- I love to bake! I have an addiction to sprinkles. They are so pretty and make everything better according to my kids. I try to make a treat every week for our family. I do not purchase cookies (except oreos and that's rare). I love to make pies and cakes and cobblers and cookies. It is one of the languages of love that my husband understands.
#4 BUBBLES and BOOKS- I love to take a bubble bath. I like really clean citrusy scents or honeysuckle florals.
They best part is when you are in a really warm bath with bubbles up to your nose, a great book and my head half submerged so that I can't hear my children. (Daddy's turn!) I love to read and I tend to read very fast. I don't skim,I can tell you everything that has happened, just fast forward it. I have been known to stay in the tub so long that I have to let out water and reheat it again.

#5 LUCY- This is my daughter Lucy. She is a miniature dachshund and miniature chihuahua mix, she is not a mutt but a Gourmet dog.Lucy weighs in at a whopping 7 lbs. She has the best disposition of any dog that we have ever met. She thinks she is human, hence sitting on the couch and sleeping in my bed with her head on the pillow. She has quite a collection of clothes that she wears all winter but since it has been so warm, she gets to be "naked". We all love this dog more than anything. Its good she is sweet because she is VERY spoiled.

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Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

I love being outside too, and I am anxious to start planting but scared we will have more frost. Your dog is just too cute!