Monday, March 3, 2008

Damn that Clemsongirl!

I knew that I needed to get out today and do some errands, but I really wasn't planning on any major retail therapy. Just the bank, drycleaner, etc. Light errands!
I have had my butt on the couch for 3 days and I need to work up some stamina to go back to work tomorrow. (there is nothing like standing on your feet for 12 hours to piss a tired girl off)
So last night watching TV, I saw the commercial for Payless and there BOGO sale ends today. Of course I flashed back to Clemsongirl's Blog and those stinkin' patent leather green shoes.
Let me tell you, I would sell a child for patent leather in every color. I started my obsession at a young age, my mother thought that "red shiny shoes" were the best thing going. Every picture of me, until I had a say, appeared with "shiny shoes" on my feet.
Needless to say, I went shopping.

These are much greener in person!
Super comfy and light weight

Light Khaki in person with dark brown trim, Love the flattened toe!

Of course I purchased the Green patent leather ones too. At a BOGO sale you must purchase in even numbers!