Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stinkin' Kindergarten

Last week at J's school they were having Community Helpers week. They had parents visit class and talk about their jobs.

Fireman day- "Mom, NEXT time you are on fire, remember to STOP,DROP and ROLL!"

Police day- "Mom, did you know that you should lock doors? That way bad men can't get in your house."

Doctor day- "Mom, did you know that there are germs that can eat you up? Like your skin and everything!"

Dentist day- "Mom, if I don't brush my teeth they can get holes in them and fall out. XXXXX must not brush his teeth 'cause his front ones are gone!"

Needless to say, this TOO much info for a 6 year old. We haven't slept through the night in a week. Last night J awoke to a noise of "someone coming in his window", at 3:40 am. He did not go back to sleep. AT ALL!
Tonight we have encouraged him to go to his brother's room if he wakes up. C didn't think this was too funny. I am making a palate on the floor just in case. I can't spend another night as a Hair girl sandwich.

I have got to have some sleep up in here!


The Lawyer's Wife said...

Just give him some cab money and send him straight to the teacher's house at 3 am ... he is pretty resourceful that J!!!

Mad About Plaid Girl said...

Poor Baby. But I don't blame you for not wanting to be the hairgirl sandwich, though. That's no good. Glad to know that he is doing better....(from your next post)...