Friday, March 7, 2008

Spank one, get one Free

First off, its my blog. I can write what I want and raise my children how I want. I went through labor and not you, so just hush.
BTW, my parenting philosophy is that you need to spank your children every day until they are 3. After that they know it will happen and you don't have to spank that often. They know...

J is usually in a mood come Fridays. He is tired and we know it. C was unusually cranky today also. Not a good mixture.

I was cooking dinner, baking a coconut cake and trying to help J with a word find puzzle. It was not going well. When dinner was ready, C set the table and got drinks, J is supposed to get the silverware. Tonight he was not going to do it. He stomped, he huffed, he "Oh my Gosh'd". He finally got the silverware.
We were all eating and he was pouting.
Me- J, please eat your dinner. You like shrimp.
J- I don't like this kind of bread you put on them. *Sigh*
Me- Well, eat your green beans and potatoes.
J- No, I don't like the way they look. (twiced baked potatoes, he doesn't like the *stuff* in them)
Paintboy- J, just eat and hush
J- NO!
Paintboy- you can eat or go to bed.
J - yeah, right... (remember he is 6)
Paintboy- Do you want a spanking?
J- Phfff ( laughing, then realizes what he has done, now he is crying)
Paintboy - Upstairs, NOW!

Needless to say, C decided that he would drop his attitude when the possibility of a spanking was so close. We should have at least 3-4 good weeks after this night.


AFRo said...

So all 6 yr olds are this way? And good for you guys spanking the rugrat. One day I'm going to post a picture of the paddle that I use and the perfect mommies are going to have a fit. LOL.

The Lawyer's Wife said...

You know me I love a paint stirrer! I have four in the car! It makes for a calmer day ... unless they all revolt and then I am overwhelmed. Go Paint Boy!

Mom on the Run said...

When we first moved here from outer suburbia, I used to get so many comments at church about how good my kids were and I would always say "well, we beat them once a day whether they need it or not". People would always get a funny look on their face so I decided I better quit saying it.

But it works. (I prefer the wooden spoon or that big curved spatula from Pampered chef!)

Anonymous said...
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