Thursday, March 27, 2008

Way to go!

My J is a superstar! Last night at his T-Ball game he scooped up a ball in left field and threw it to first base. Right to the first baseman. That is a looong way people! Needless, to say he received the game ball. We are all very proud.

ETA- I know that his hat and jersey are different teams. He couldn't "find" his Phillies hat so he just wore a "red" one from some past season. It was hanging on the hook behind his door. where it belongs. Not in his baseball bag where he likes to leave it.

Sorry I haven't posted for the last few days. It is one of those things, the clients are driving me crazy, the kids are back talking, and Paintboy is just annoying.

1. You can NOT do your hair like I do, if you are not using the products I use. And don't tell me that your dollar store crap is just as good. So quit complaining to me. Buy the products and look fabulous or don't. Just quit bitching. BTW- its not cheaper at Ulta or the grocery store. The company sets the prices not us. Sometimes its even more. And with the price of gas just buy it from me and you will save $$$. I won't try to "sell" you shit you don't need.
2. Do not call me and tell me that their is something wrong with my online client booking software. We are a week and half before Spring Break. I am BOOKED, people. Nothing is broken, you are too late to get an appointment. I will see you in a few weeks. It is not an emergency.
3. Do not throw yourself on the floor every time I ask you to do something. Pouting never makes anything better and the whining has got to stop. I am actually waiting for you to knock yourself unconscious next time so that I can have some quiet around here.
4. Please stop rolling your eyes at me and mumbling when I ask you to do something around the house. You are 12 now and should be able to help. Next time it will be 2 weeks without the computer.
5. When all of this other stuff is going on please stop groping me in the kitchen. It doesn't make me happy. Yes, you are wonderful and I still enjoy you after all these years; but dude, you're getting on my last nerve right now. Passive- aggressive me is NOT giving it up.


Belle in Bloom said...

Yay J!! Way to go!!
Oh, #5. Drives me nuts! Gets on my nerves, too.

Amelia said...

He is precious!

Teri said...

If you cut my hair I would buy everything you said too and never, *ever* complain ;)

As for number 5, well, it's an epidemic....

The Lawyer's Wife said...

Oh, I do miss seeing you on a daily basis! You make me laugh so hard! So ... does my Aveda cut it as acceptable prodcuts or do I need to run over and get some fabulous products from the salon? Just do not try to sell me that crazy stuff you swore you would send back. My very short and sassy hair ain't that fancy!!!

I love you babe ... want to get together and drink too many margaritas this weekend? I promise not to grope you in the kitchen!

Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

I am cracking up at #5-I feel the same way sometimes! Way to go to your little baseball star!

Mom on the Run said...

He's a cutie! You better get one of those protector things and a stand for that ball before they decide to play with it. VIP Game ball!

I'm a hair products the stuff, but the smell has to be just right. I have naturally curly hair, so it's the bane of my existence.