Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was J's 6th birthday! We were so busy that I didn't get to post for him. We started the day at 7:30 with batting practice for C's 9:ooam game. It was a heart breaker. They came back and ended up losing by 1 because of a wild throw. So devastating to a 12 year old.
We had about an hour before J's batting practice, so we opted to have a concession stand lunch rather than lose our parking spot. Those suckers are very hard to find!( We have 8 fields going all day, with 2 teams and 12 kids per team= not enough parking)

At the game, C climbed into the scorekeeper's booth and kept score for the t-ballers. This is a big treat because they usually don't keep score until playoffs. When the game was over, J's team was victorious by 1 run! Yeah!
J and his buddy decided that they wanted a turn and tried to help the next team out. As you can see the score is 64 to 84 in the first inning.

They were so cute sitting in the stand. Very intense and hard at work!
After ball we went home and cleaned up. Then we were off to J's favorite activity- BOWLING! We had a great time and J is a fantastic bowler(with bumpers). I don't think either of my kids would have stood a chance if they had ADD. The bowling alley had the black lights going, very loud music videos playing and then the crashing of the balls and pins. It was insane! J started complaining about being hot and coughing a little, but I thought it was a little ploy to get a Sprite. Not so much...
We were then off to a delicious dinner at Bahama Breeze. I love Mojitos! C, J and I split a yummy lobster and shrimp pasta. My boys have very grownup tastes; Chicken fingers and mac and cheese don't cut it anymore. After having had Mommy make cupcakes 3 times this week, J decided that he wanted Cold Stone Creamery ice cream for his birthday treat. He wanted a half gallon of mint ice cream mixed up with brownies all to himself. I have to admit it is quite yummy!
After finishing his ice cream( not the entire thing, just a small bowl), we had lots of coughing. I have a very sick little boy on my hands. At least it's today and didn't ruin his birthday. I hate to get sick and I could feel the sore throat coming on all day. I am going to self medicate and pray for the best for tomorrow!


Somewhere Between Pinot and Pacifiers said...

That sounds like a great birthday! I love Cold Stone and his choice sounds too yummy.

Mom on the Run said...

Hope he feels better!