Wednesday, March 5, 2008

This is gooood, I don't make this shit up. I just pass the truth along

As my title suggests, I am going to give up the goods on some of my clients. I will not use names and I will never tell them that I have a blog. There are stories that fill my ears that must be shared, just not in my small town/big city.

I have been doing hair for years and years. I thought I had heard it all- today I learned that crazy is still out there.

Client was telling me about her first marriage, as she was standing in front of the church with her dad, he leaned over and said "Honey, I love you. Take the money and run, very far, very fast." She thought he was kidding to break the ice. Not so much.
After having moved 1/2 way across the country for new hubby's job and working for a few months, she started Marriage counseling. Not a good sign after 3 months of marriage. To "help out" his entire family moved across the country to be near them. This only made things more difficult. He wanted her to stay home and be at his beck and call, and to start a family. She loved working not ready to have babies yet. They had serious control issues. He decided that there had to be fertility issues because she didn't conceive right away so they went for testing. Come to find out he was sterile- Not good news. She was fine with adopting, he was not.
They continued counseling, things kept going down hill and his mother was in the middle the whole time.
Well, Client comes home one day to a "family meeting". There in her living room sat he husband, his parents and his younger brother. They had decided that the family name must carry on and with it the family genes. Her husband didn't really want to spend the money on invitro. He and his family decided that she and baby brother would "make a baby".
The old fashioned way.
With her husband's brother.
Momma decided all this for her boys.

My client, walked out of the room, packed her bags and left.

When she got home to her parents half way across the country, her Dad said "I told you not to do it. That family was crazy. You should have taken my offer of the Money!"

She ran into her ex-husband a few years ago in their hometown. He had his family with him- wife #2 and 2 boys, that looked "just like Daddy". I guess wife #2 didn't have any objections to baby brother and "the plan"!


Ned said...

Sweet Mary and Joseph...that is something and you can't make that shit up!

AFRo said...

Holy SHIT. That's F-ed up. I'm speechless which is rare.

Mom on the Run said...

Considering what I tell my hairdresser about my crazy extended family, I can only begin to imagine the things you have heard!