Saturday, March 1, 2008

The best of Friends

I had a procedure attempted yesterday that would make would make me relax every month, not worrying about slip ups.
You read that right,"attempted!" After having my BF pick me up (with her month old baby) and drive me to the doctor's office, my body decided it wasn't going along with what the doctor wanted. Many drugs, much pain, a a couple hours later, ACE drove me back home. I slept most of the day. My sweetest friends, the Lawyer's Wife and June Cleaver showed up with dinner and flowers. Everything was extra yummy! Did I mention that they brought the most decadent brownies EVER? I am not sure which girl made them; however, I will hold a youngest child hostage until I receive the recipe. The reason I will always choose one of their youngest is that they are the sweetest, sassiest girls on the planet. Almost makes me wish for one of my own! ALMOST!

I am a strong friend, I don't ask for help, I give help. I love all of my friends, but these are the 3 girls that don't let my wall of defense get in the way. They are the girls that say "I will drive you"," It's no trouble", "Let me bring dinner", "How can I help?".

I have lived many places over the years, but my small town that is really a big city, is the best.


The Lawyer's Wife said...

Ok ... loved it! I have tears and I am all misty! It would be June who made those ... you can hold Curls hostage ... unless you of course need both girls! We love you and I am thrilled we could be there for you! I love you sweets! Rest!!!

June Cleaver said...

Well if that was not the sweetest thing ever!!! I am the June Cleaver of modern day, and those oh so decidant brownies came from a box!!! However, to learn the brand you will still have to take my youngest. Please, I beg you!!
Hugs and kisses!