Saturday, March 15, 2008

Showers, showers and more showers

We survived the storms last night. The first blew through about 8:30, it included a lot of hail. Fortunately, it was very fast moving and ended before bedtime. (That was the one that caused issues downtown at the SEC game.) I was very relieved that J slept through the over night storms. It was thundering and lightening all night. He would have been in our bed for sure!
Now for the other shower...
I am a professional Baby Shower Hostess! I have helped throw 5 showers in the last 13 months. That is a lot of showers. 3 of them I have hosted with one other girl. We have the menu down pat, we know what we serve with slight alteration for variety. Depending on whether its a girl or a boy, we will change the color (flavor) of the cocktail, the drizzle on the Oreo truffles, the flowers and ribbons. The other hostesses that join us help with variety, we let them pick what they make to spice things up. One of the showers we even had to take to the girl's house because she was on bed rest. We are that good- or crazy!
I am not a spring chicken with lots of young friends, these are ladies that have tried for years to get pregnant. There are a few that have an older child and there are many years between them. These ladies all needed to be celebrated! I decided for the first one that I would crochet her a baby blanket. (I know its a little "Home cookin'" of me. wink, wink.) Unfortunately, these women are all friends and saw the beautiful blanket. The next actually let me know that was she wanted - my blanket.
So it became a tradition.
Today I have the last shower (I am saying forever). I literally finished the blanket last night. I still have to wrap it. (I am sitting here blogging being "passive, aggressive") It turned out beautiful- blue and white pinstripes with a slightly ruffled hem. So sweet! I also made cheese straws and Oreo truffles. Everything is easy to make, just time consuming. So I am off to "shower" a friend with love and truffles!
Y'all stay dry!


AFRo said...

You made cheese straws? I'm really jealous because I have yet to master that art form. Glad to hear you guys survived. It looked really rough over there.

The Lawyer's Wife said...

And to think I was leaving the movie theatre and driving on 75 and had no idea that downtown was being hit with 130 mile an hour winds and a tornado. WTH? And all because I had to see The Other Boyeln Sister!

BTW ... I bet the girl getting showered has beautifully highlighted hair! Maybe a some blond with a little carmel?

Mad About Plaid Girl said...

You need to show us a pic of the blanket. Sounds so CUTE!