Monday, March 31, 2008

Busy week

This is where we are heading next week for Spring Break. Before you get the wrong impression and think I have gone all granola over here, we are staying in very nice hotels. NO Camping! NO Hiking! Lots of photography and memories for the boys.
Unfortunately, J has figured out that we leave on Saturday. He has wanted to pack all weekend and took it upon himself to do it today. BTW- he is drugged on cold medicine.
Into his suitcase I found-
1 Nintendo DS
12 DS games
5 webkins
2 Nerf dart guns
assorted monster trucks
toothbrush and toothpaste( not going to bother for the rest of this week)
1 pair of jeans
2 pairs of silky track shorts
2 white undershirts
1 long sleeve fleece
1 pair of pajama's ( top and bottom don't match)
4 bathing suits

When he came into my room and let me know that he was all packed and ready to go, I questioned whether he had everything he needed.
J-"Of course, I am 6 now, you can trust me!"
Me- "Let's go see what you have packed. Where are you socks and underwear?"
J-"I will have socks and underwear on when we fly on the airplane right? you can just wash them every night at the Hotel."
Me- "Not so much. How about you wait and pack on Thursday night and Mommy will help you?"
J-" Whatever. I am done with my packing; my suitcase is full. Everything else will have to go in your bag."

Needless to say, I have a lot of laundry and packing to do this week. Four people to fly to AZ and two dogs off to Nana's. I also have 2000 clients to love, so that they look fabulous for their Spring Break and a huge Art Walk on Friday night. ( more on that tomorrow)


The Lawyer's Wife said...

OMG ... I am SHOCKED you are actually taking the boys? You must be on cold medicine! I love when the kids pack ... it totally crack me up to see what they think is the essentials. Oh ... to update you it is another day and Babycakes is wearing another bathing suit.

Seriously ... if it rains any more this week I will need J's cold medicine!

Teri said...

LMAO, who needs undies and socks on vacay? And um, are you going someplace with, like, eight pools?

That, btw, is my BEST "Legally Blonde" impression....

Mom on the Run said...

J3 is going to Arizona Saturday morning, too. Are you flying on Airtran?

He's going on a mission trip with our church's youth. Yeah, after hearing that, you're probably hoping/glad you're not on Airtran.

AFRo said...

You must share where said webkins were purchased. PLEASE!!!

Belle in Bloom said...

I can't breath thinking of all that packing, preparing and getting everyone on the plane. Good Luck!! It sounds like a great trip. Can't wait to see the pictures!