Monday, March 3, 2008

My new plan

Over at Ashley's Closet, she has created here new life plan to keep herself clean and organized. I can't do things every day, because of the clients that just "have to have their hair done." Don't they understand I have shopping and blogging to do? I digress...
I have decided that I am going to call the Lawyer's Wife every Monday morning. This morning just while chatting on the phone I swept my downstairs and dusted everything. I mean I had the Pledge Clean and Dust spray and the Swiffer duster and CLEANED! I didn't even feel that bad about doing it, because that Lawyer's Wife is funny. No matter how bad we might feel she can make me laugh. So girl friend get ready for our Monday therapy session. If you flake on me my house is going to be dirty and its all Consuelo's fault, Maria isn't taking the fall on this one.

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